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Welcome to Annandale and the Scottish Borders!

Annandale is the gateway to Scotland. Motorway links make the journey from north or south remarkably easy. London is an afternoon's drive away. If you are looking for good fishing in South West Scotland or fishing in Dumfries and Galloway in particular, then Annandale is an ideal location.

The river Annan flows south from just north of Moffat towards the Solway Firth. The mighty Tweed and Clyde also commence their journeys from the very same hills. In the upper reaches the river is just another Scottish burn. At Three Waters Meet the change begins. The river increases in flow due to the tributaries, the Moffat and Evan.

The Annan can be divided into three sections. Lower reaches from Annan to Dormont. Middle; from Dormont to the principle tributary the Kinnel and the higher reaches from the Kinnel to Moffat. These three boundaries reflect the flow and gradient of the river.


The higher and lower sections are shallow and faster flowing than the middle section. The middle section is slower and deeper and meanders through the valley flood plain. The large number of significant tributaries throughout the length of the river effectively stops the fish running to the top in spates.

Lassies Pool, River Annan          

From an upland torrent the river evolves into a stately glide and flows south through pastoral grazing land, the principal economy in Annandale, then increases in speed as the gradient increases until it meets the Solway at Watersmeet?. The vast majority of the river is eminently suitable for fly fishing whether your target is the superb quality brown trout or grayling, sea trout fresh off the tide or the mighty salmon. Dry fly fishing for truly wild brown trout costs a fraction of the southern chalk streams. Unlike the southern chalkstreams you are unlikely to see another fisher all day, the cost will be significantly less and the ambience and tranquillity will surprise you.

If you fish with us we insist that you practice C & R and return the following year when the fish will be bigger but wilier.

For a serious change of tactics try dry fly for sea trout. The Annan is possibly the only river in Scotland where dry fly for sea trout is practised almost everyday. May will see the bigger fish arrive followed in June and July with the bulk of the runs. The main runs of salmon will start to enter the river in August given rainfall. Salmon fishing on the Annan can be phenomenal and is easily on a par with several of the more well known rivers. The Annan is tiny compared to the Dee, Spey, Tweed and Tay but she has the ability to more than punch her weight. A week on the Annan at the back end will cost less than a day on the Tweed and may well result in more sport than you dreamed possible. Falkus described a salmon river as a smolt factory. Due to the work of the Annan Fisheries Board the Annan should be listed in the FTSE top five smolt factories.

You may well see roe deer, otters and Kingfishers as you fish down the pool. Herons and buzzards are plentiful. If you are really lucky you may see a Spotted Flycatcher. Red squirrels are common in this part of Scotland. Time your visit for autumn and the colours of the forest are amazing, ochre, yellow, amber and olives of every hue possible to imagine.

Due to the work of the Fisheries Board the river thrives and supports species other than the recognised game fish. A total of twenty five different species of fish have been recorded. Chub grow particularly well in the river as do bream and yes, they do take a well presented fly.

Fishing on the Annan can be excellent particularly given rain fall. The river is fairly short by Scottish standards and given the correct conditions fish can be distributed throughout the entire length of the river in a very short space of time. The sea trout fishing is probably unsurpassed in the UK. The salmon fishing must rate as possibly the best value for money in the universe. Beats on the Annan regularly out catch comparable beats on the Spey but the cost to you the fisher is far from comparable.

Access to the beats is easy. We have access to almost every beat on the river including tributaries. If the water is too high for the fly on the lower beats we can arrange to fish the top or middle which drop and clear quicker. If you are seeking quality brown trout on dry fly we can arrange to fish a suitable beat. If you want to fish for grayling in January we can arrange to fish a really beautiful beat. If you only wish to use the fly then we can also arrange a suitable beat. We are here to help; it is after all what we do. We are professional full time qualified Instructors and Registered Guides.

We can arrange your booking, accommodation, tackle, even waders. We maintain a good stock of the accessories fishers require. If you are worried about wading then tell us and we will arrange a beat where the wading suits you. If your knees are like mine let us know when you book and we will ensure easy walking from pool to pool. Tell us what you want and we will arrange it for you.

We also have access to the Rivers Nith, Cree, Bladnoch, Esk, Tweed and Eden.



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