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Throughout the year we offer Instruction in flyfishing. We teach the art of flyfishing on the river Annan and hold
casting courses throughout the year. Between March and mid November we are able to offer guided fishing for brown trout, Atlantic salmon, sea trout. During the winter months we hold fly dressing courses in Annan but will travel to other locations. We can teach you how to dress a Cascade salmon fly or an Allys Shrimp. This is a golden opportunity for you to learn to tie a fly. There is considerable satisfaction in catching a fish on flies tied by yourself.

Between November and March we switch to grayling fishing.

Throughout the year we offer a full guiding service for salmon, sea trout, grayling and wild brownies. We have access to 35 miles of the river Annan plus access to the rivers Nith, Tweed, Esk, Cree, Bladnoch and Eden.

All prices include the cost of your fishing permit. No fishing licences are required in Scotland. There is no Sunday fishing for migratory fish. Sunday is a good day to travel. We require the fishing to be paid prior to accepting a booking. Our interpretation of, a day, is eight hours. Please see our terms and conditions.

Salmon/Spey Casting Tuition and Guiding
Learn to Spey Cast in Scotland with a qualified professional Instructor. We offer two day courses on a one to one basis. We pride ourselves on knowing that after you have attended one of our courses you will be able to fish for salmon anywhere in the world.

We specialise in teaching beginners and experienced fishers the art of Spey casting. Every aspect of salmon fishing is covered including safety, watercraft and how to fish a salmon pool. You will learn how to perform a single and double Spey cast off both shoulders, overhead and roll casts, again off both shoulders, followed by the Snake Roll and Snap T. We would normally recommend two days to allow sufficient time to cover the syllabus.

Call for availability and prices.

  Salmon Course - Duncan Ginn - 8lb 2oz

Sea Trout Tuition and Guiding
Come and spend the night with us and learn the magic of fishing for sea trout. If the water is heavy we will fish during the day. We use three of the best beats on the Annan for our Clients. Every aspect is covered from safety to sunk line fishing.

Call for availability and prices.

Brown Trout Tuition and Guiding
We have access to thirty miles of water for some truly amazing wild brownie fishing. These are truly wild fish. Unlike the Chalk streams of the south these waters are conservatively fished and the fish themselves are free risers. On our three day package you will not fish the same water twice. Great fun but be prepared for a comfortable walk along flat, grass covered banks, casting to free rising fish.

Call for availability and prices.


Grayling Tuition and Guiding
The Annan has some of the best Grayling fishing in Scotland. You may also latch on to a 5lb Chub, which should brighten your day. We will use both dry fly and “Bugs” depending on weather/water conditions.

Call for availability and prices.

All courses include the cost of your fishing permits. No fishing licences are required in Scotland. In order to secure the fishing we will require a proportion of the cost to be paid upon booking. This sum is non refundable as it is paid to the Annan Fisheries Board. The balance will fall due at the completion of your trip. The cost of accommodation should be arranged with the provider.

We can arrange a package to suit you. Not everyone wants a fully guided trip and therefore we will tailor make a holiday to your requirements. Tell us what your requirements are and we will offer several options depending on the time of year. We will supply a written quotation based on your instructions.


Ideal for the complete beginner or those with casting problems. Offered on a one to one basis or small groups for a minimum of two hours. For the improver we offer fault finding and correction, Double Haul, or refresher tuition. Casts include roll, overhead, double haul, snake roll, parachute, side, reach and waggle. Single and Double Spey Casts with single handed or double handed rods. Learn how to cope with windy conditions.


  Salmon & Trout casting tuition for the beginner or improver...

One to One tuition available with a minimum two hours.

Let us quote for other packages/options or we will tailor make a holiday to your requirements.




Spey Casting Course 25th January 2007 River Annan

Members of the Upper Annandale Fly Fishers attended a Spey Casting Course provided by Keith our local AAPGAI Instructor. The day was a joy. It was instructive and full of humour, nothing seemed too much trouble to Keith who showed infinite patience with this cack-handed absolute beginner. I have tried watching video's and reading books but nothing came close to this. By the end of the day I was Roll casting, single Spey and double Spey casting by being shown very clearly the fundamentals and being encourage to practise them. My colleagues were of the same opinion ... "a day well spent".

Lawson Devery



Hi Keith, I hope the season's going well. . Thanks again for the tuition. It was really fun - you're a great instructor, and I enjoyed it more than many a day I've spent fishing. I'm keen to make progress...on the Water of Leith this winter. Best wishes. Tony Prior. Edinburgh


    I just wanted to thank you for looking after me earlier this week and for letting me experience a few days on the river Annan. I had a great time and very much enjoyed your company, banter and advice. I really did learn a great deal about fly fishing and rivercraft. I am sure with a bit more practice and experience.

All the best and thanks again for a really enjoyable couple of days.
Best wishes

Vi Grime. London
Thanks again for a great couple of days. I really feel you gave me a first class understanding of the basics, on which I can hopefully build with as you say, practice, practice and more practice.

Hope we can fish together again soon.

Robin Smith Surrey
I had a great day and I have learnt a lot. The most important thing was the imcompatability of my rod and the line. I found the way you explained all the casts especially the Snap T's and Snake Rolls much easier to understand and now it is down to practice.

Tight lines

John Ross Edinburgh.
    Hello Keith.
Thank you for an excellent two days. My father and I really enjoyed ourselves and learnt a whole new area of fly fishing. The way you showed us each cast made it simple for us to leanrn how to fish the 15' salmon rod. You are a very good teacher. Your own casting is pretty good as well.

Hope to see you in 2008.

Lansen. The Netherlands.





We are able to recommend a variety of accommodation including local *** hotels, Guest Houses, Farm Houses, Self Catering and B&B’s. Please call for details.



We can provide quality tackle including waders.

If you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to call us. We like to talk fishing.


Booking Conditions.

The following conditions are to ensure no misunderstanding results from your visit. We have very, very few rules and regulations. Very rarely do we have any problems, we just want you to have a fantastic time with us and come back for more.

The majority of our fishing is booked through www.fishscotland.com  and their booking conditions are available from their web site. We are required to accept and comply with their booking conditions. All of our fishing/tuition is directed towards fishing with the fly. There are times during the season when the river height makes fishing the fly impractical. During such times we will offer you the opportunity to spin. It is however your decision. We fully appreciate that some people are totally adverse to spinning.

We reserve the right to cancel tuition/guiding if the weather dictates that the conditions pose a danger to you. We are the sole arbitrator on the subject of safety. We actively encourage you to use a life jacket and wading staff. Safety glasses are also provided for your protection and we advised wearing a hat and suitable clothing.

In keeping with general practice we will not refund fees paid for fishing/guiding spoilt by inclement weather conditions or poor water conditions. We will have already paid www.fishscotland.com  and they impose a similar condition on us. In the event that we have cancelled the fishing/tuition we will re-arrange the fishing/tuition or refund the cost excluding the fishing costs. If you cancel the fishing/tuition then our total fee is payable within fourteen days of the date of cancellation.

Our policy is that all brown trout are released to compete again when they are older and wiser. Commencing 2008 the Annan Salmon Fishery Board recommends that only two sea trout be taken in any 24 hour period and all fish over 3lbs are to be returned. We fully support the Board in trying to conserve the sea trout stocks. All red, gravid or unclean salmon must be returned unharmed to the river. No salmon may be killed before the 1st June. Even fish which are bleeding badly must be returned to the river in accordance with The Annan Salmon Fisheries Board Regulations. To be caught in possession of such a fish will almost certainly result in an appearance before the Sheriff at Dumfries.

Rods are not permitted to be shared and you may not re-let the rod without permission of www.fishscotland.com . In Scotland it is illegal to fish without written permission. We will have the written authority to fish with us during your visit. If you would like a copy we will send one by return.

We fully support the Fishery Boards in preventing Gyrodactylus Salaris from infecting any of the rivers we use. If you have fished outside the UK within three months of visiting us you must tell us in order that we can arrange to have your fishing tackle sterilised. Local vets charge for this option. Alternatively you may use our fishing equipment.

Riparian owners on certain beats forbid dogs accompanying anglers, normally because live stock are in the fields. Please check with us before arrival to avoid any problems.

If you have a problem with the fishery please tell us immediately and we will contact the Ghillie or fishery manager. It is important that you inform us immediately and certainly before you leave as otherwise it will severely hamper any chance of redress on your behalf.

We reserve the right to immediately withdraw fishing/guiding/tuition without compensation from anyone who breaks these or associated conditions, or who flouts normal standards of behaviour or fishing etiquette.

Whilst we supply tackle for your use during your tuition, we will make a charge for any breakages to tackle and lost spinning equipment.



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