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Fly Dressing

We offer a customised fly dressing service. We maintain a general stock of the most popular flies but the majority are tied to order. Please allow sufficient time as I do like to fish myself particularly in the summer and autumn. If you have a “must have by" date please let us know at the time of ordering. Should there be a delay on my part I will inform you at once.

Favourite patterns can be copied for you with a minimum of five copies per fly. If you do not know the name please send the fly even if it has been battered through use.


Ally’s Shrimp
Ally’s Yellow


Ally’s Red
Ally’s Purple
Black Brahan

Black Shrimp
Blue Charm

Bourrach Yellow

Bourrach Orange

Garry Dog
Green Highlander
Hairy Mary
Kenny’s Killer
Munros Killer
Oykel GP
Oykel Shrimp

Stoats Tail

Stoats Silver
Stoats Pearly

Stoats Thunder

Stoats Thunder Tube
Stoats Stinchar

Thunder Lightening

Willie Gun

Willie Gun Treble

Willie Gun Tube

Willie Gun Waddington
Icelandic & Scandinavian Patterns
Thunder Spey
Yokanga Gold
Red Sandy
Flamethrower Yellow
Flamethrower Orange
Templedog Yellow
Templedog Red

Templedog Red & Black Tube

Templedog Black

Templedog Black Tube
Templedog Tube


All Jungle Cock extra £1.50p per fly

Single £1.50p
Double £1.75p
Treble £1.95p
Tubes £1.50p
Bottle tubes £1.50p
Waddingtons £2.25p Including 1XBL treble.
Sea Trout Snakes £2.50p
P & P £2.00p First class post.

If you require Kristal Flash or similar material added to a pattern please add it to the order. Ally’s Shrimps are all tied with Kristal Flash. It is a simply matter to remove if not required.

Please indicate numbers required in the relevant box on the order form. If your fly choice isn’t listed please call as provided we have the pattern and materials we can tie the flies for you. We do like a challenge!

If you are not happy with my work please return the fly for a full refund. Likewise if you and more importantly the fish like my work please let us know.

Gift Selections
I can provide a selection of salmon flies in a suitable fly box for birthday, Christmas presents. We will also supply personalised Gift Vouchers, which can be exchanged for flies or tuition/courses.

Please send orders with payment to:


Keith Snow
Annandale & Borders Fly Fishing
1 Summergate Crescent, Annan. DG12 6EU

Tel/Fax: 01461 206750
Mobile: 07968 593165.



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