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The salmon seasons opens on the 25th February and closes on the 15th November. The Annan fisheries Board directs that all salmon caught before the 1st June must be returned unharmed to the river. This measure was agreed in an attempt to increase the spring run of fish. The Annan used to have a very healthy run of spring fish which have declined. The Fishery Board are seeking to restore the spring run and hence the conservation measures imposed up to the 1st June. There is considerable work being undertaken in the background to improve the spring salmon stocks.

Salmon will be in the river from March/April but not in large numbers. They will be there holding station in the deeper pools. The first “Springer” of the year normally falls to a well present yellow or red belly minnow from the lower reaches.


JD Creedon USA grilse on "Snowys" shrimp fly

Newbie normally has the distinction of producing the early fish as it is closest to the tide. The capture of the first spring fish is celebrated every year in traditional style.

In the early months we begin our Spey Casting Courses whilst the river is relatively quiet. We always have a single handed rod ready for the amazing hatches of March browns. It would be a shame to waste a good fly hatch even if you are learning to Spey Cast.

Hoddom river Annan July 2008

August normally heralds the arrival of the first grilse. Given rainfall then 2SW salmon will also run the river. This is truly sport par excellence and represents amazing value for money. A week on the Spey in August would cost over a £1000 but you can fish the Annan for less than a quarter of that. Fishing in your shirt sleeves for fish that may be 15lbs in weight and covered in sea lice.

Pick up the phone and call Keith on 01461 206750.

September through to the end of the season will see fish run the river every day. Even small rises in water will encourage the fish to leave the salt and get on with what nature intended. Some of these fish can be very large indeed. 20lb fish are caught every year and 30lb fish are caught most years. Fresh silver fish run right through to the end of the season. A rise in water can see hundreds of fish run off the tide.

We have access to almost every beat on the river and depending on the water height can select a beat to suit the conditions. Be warned the fishing in October and November is normally fully let by the middle of September.

There is a lot of sense in arranging to learn to Spey Cast in the spring and then putting it into practice when the fish are running in the autumn. We offer a full guiding service for those unsure of the river. We can provide everything you require to ensure your time with us will be memorable.

We will even arrange to have your fish smoked locally, vacuum packed and couriered to your front door.

In the event that the river becomes unfishable with the fly then we have quality rods and reels for spinning. In addition we keep a good stock of minnows, Toby’s, Blair type spoons and flying C’s.

To book, call Keith on 01461 206750 or e-mail info@annanflyfishing.co.uk


   Keith with small grisle (returned)...

On the upper beats a single handed rod is eminently suitable. Bring your normal reservoir trout fishing equipment. A 9’-10’ #7-8 is fine. We can help with leader material and flies if required. The ability to Spey Cast a single handed rod is useful particularly on tree lined pools. We will teach you.

For the middle to lower beats a double handed rod is more suitable unless the water is very thin. A 13’-15’ rod is ideal. We have a selection of quality double handed rods for you to use balanced with quality fly lines and reels.

We specialise in teaching our clients to Spey Cast from both banks and with sunken lines. In the event of heavy water we will teach you to fish the bait using both fixed spool reels and multipliers. In the event that the river reaches the football field (very high) we will teach you to fish the worm if required.

We actively encourage our rods to wade with caution. To wade when it is not required is foolhardy as the sea trout in particular can be rather quick at disappearing. Safety is the first lesson we teach. We will supply wading staffs and life jackets upon request. We always carry spare protective glasses and have first aid kits in our vehicles. We are qualified first aiders. Keith wanted to be a brain surgeon and is very good at removing body piercings!!!!!

We will teach you to read the water and to understand what the river is telling you by the way it moves. Water height and temperature are crucial to salmon fly selection. Let us teach you. You may find yourself on your belly trying to cast, the sea trout can be very suspicious of careless anglers. We will teach you water craft.

We want you to succeed; it makes us feel so much better. We will laugh if you miss a take and cry if the fish throws the hook. We will get frustrated as you will and will celebrate your first Atlantic salmon almost as much as you will. Fishing is fun and days spent fishing never count towards your allocated life span, or so we are told. We cannot guarantee fish but we will most certainly do everything we can. The rest is up to you.

To book call  01461 206750 or email Keith.



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