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Sea Trout

The Annan is justly famous for its sea trout runs. May will see the first of the runs and these tend to be the larger fish. Fish of 5lbs plus enter the river and begin their journey upstream. Sea trout will run with their backs out of the water so don’t be put off by low water conditions.

Fishing at night can be daunting for beginners and dangerous if you do not know the pools. Please be assured it is absolutely brilliant even if a little daunting to begin with. Let us guide you. The pull or pluck followed by a fish tumbling across and then down the pool will make you come back year after year. We will meet you long before dark to test your experience and to take you through a safety talk before moving off in the twilight to fish some of the most famous pools on the river.



2lbs 5 oz sea trout for Keith July 2008

Dominic Jones first sea trout on fly 18th July 2008


We maintain a stock of sea trout flies and leader material for our Clients. We can supply all safety equipment and strongly recommend the use of wading staffs and life jackets.

Our Clients tell us it is comforting to have an experienced Guide standing next to them in the river even if we laugh when they miss a pull. In the dark, a 3lb sea trout reduces most men to trembling wrecks for two or three minutes. Then they just want to do it all over again. Wonderful, wonderful sport.

We will teach you how to Spey Cast using the single handed rod to avoid the trees in the darkness. We will teach you to use the sunk line with two or three flies or tubes.

June and July will see the smaller sea trout arrive in numbers. Sport can be fast and furious. If the night is the colour of pitch we will encourage you to try a surface lure. Heart stopping moments as you hear, see, and then feel the fish snatch at the lure. A warm settled evening with low or moderate flows can herald fishing the like of which you will bore your family with for years to come.

In the event of a rise in the water we will often fish the river during the day for sea trout. Different but Annan fish will also take a well presented dry fly. The fish can be almost suicidal when fresh off the tide and we ask for sensible restraint when taking fish for the table.


A 9’6” – 10’ #7-8 rod will do nicely. Floating, intermediate, sink tip and full sinking lines should be in your bag. Spools of 6lb to 12lb mono and a landing net that can be carried on your back, together with a selection of T.B.S. Mallard and Claret, Dark Turkey, Silver Stoat and Snakes will suffice.

Interested then call Keith on 01461 206750 or email us.

We can arrange the complete package for you. It is what we do.



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