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Brown Trout

The River Annan is almost entirely a wild, brown trout fishery. A small stocking takes place on one of the beats which we do not fish. Annandale offers some truly outstanding wild brown trout fishing.

Fly life on the river is plentiful, diverse and can be almost guaranteed. The volume of fly life coupled with the abundance of minnows in the summer means there is sufficient food for the fish to grow. Do they grow; an average brownie is 2lbs. Fish over 4lbs are not rare and fish above the magical 5lbs are caught every year.

Our wild brown trout are free rising and readily take a dry fly. We maintain a good stock of flies tied by Keith who will tie salmon flies to order.

As the bulk of the stock is wild some walking is required to locate the fish. Competent anglers could empty stretches of the river with ease and we therefore practice Catch and Release with no exceptions. C & R ensures that you can return next year when the sport will be that much harder but more rewarding.

Early season will see large hatches of March Browns which the trout love. Fairly large dark olives will also put in an appearance and the trout will rise freely. The hatches are short lived due to the temperature, this is after all Scotland. A breeze will often put the fish down and we will resort to the nymph to fish deep.

May and June can be wonderful. Dry fly fishing at its best. This is peak activity time for the insects on the river and the trout gorge themselves ready for harder times. The false March Brown and olives will hatch almost every day and the Mayfly will be evident. The yellow May Dun will be obvious on the water and evenings can be spectacular when the spinners return to the water. Like the southern chalk streams sedges will put in an appearance to the extent they will annoy you by crawling all over you. They hatch in their thousands and the trout love them.

A large deer head creation (sculpin) fished deep can produce surprising results in high summer when the fish lock on to minnows. Towards the backend the fish will switch diet to dark olives which are larger than their earlier cousins. One problem with trout fishing towards the backend is that the beats do not differentiate between salmon/trout fishing and you may well have to purchase a permit for salmon just to fish for trout. Bookings pre September will not experience this problem.


Rob Scott with a cracking brownie.

Grilse Cleughead Sept 08.

Another grilse Cleughead Sept 08

For trout fishers we offer casting clinics to diagnose casting faults and correct bad casting habits. We have access
to teaching facilities at Broom Fishery near Annan in S.W.Scotland, which is less that ten miles from Carlisle.
Learn to single haul and double haul to improve your casting distance and control of the fly line.



A 9 #5-6 weight rod will cover almost any eventuality. A couple of spools of 2lb and 4lb mono, a box of flies which fit in your pocket and you are ready. We maintain a stock of over a thousand dry flies and half that of wet flies and nymphs for our Clients.


We offer dry fly fishing for wild brownies with split cane rods. This is the ultimate thrill in dry fly fishing. The rods are far more sensitive than carbon and the fight is a joy. You only have to ask. Ring Keith now on 01461 206750 or email us.

  A beautiful Brown Trout caught in the River Annan




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